Something to make your own.

What’s a Tinderbox, you ask? A Tinderbox is a little box that explorers and adventurers used to carry with them. Inside, they’d keep flint and tinder dry so that they could spark a fire wherever their travels brought them. My Tinderbox is filled with hooks, yarn, notions, and poorly drawn sketches—everything I need to start my own little fire. Here on my website (and elsewhere) I make my designs available to you, so that you can start a little fire to keep you warm wherever you go, too. Happy adventuring!

Who’s this hooker?

My name’s Courtney and I’m the designer and maker behind Tinderbox. I’m also a teacher, a dog mom and a lover of travel.

I live in British Columbia, Canada and when I’m not crocheting you can find me enjoying the great outdoors with my pup, Boomer!